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How many times did you get a call from your client saying your valuable product arrived damaged? When this happens you are usually in the dark. HALOG sheds light to your product journey by telling you exactly when the damage happened.


Extend quality controls of your products sealed in barrier bags. Halog is the black box offering long-term monitoring for high-value industrial assets throughout storage and shipment.

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Real time clock
Status LED

It never loses synchrony
with real date and time

It tells you
what it’s doing

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Humidity, pressure, temperature,
light, accelerometer, gyroscope

and Wi-Fi

Blinking Halog on a barrier bag

Quality surveillance

With HALOG your quality process does not stop when you ship out your product.

Barrier bags

Halog is the only device compatible with the barrier bag, without compromising the vacuum packaging of your valuable product.

Long battery life

More than two years’ guaranteed autonomy with a single battery.


HALOG works pretty much like an airplane black box recording events and environmental variables for at least two years in harsh conditions.


HALOG is the only device specifically designed for the asset-intensive industries, because it monitors what happens to your product and not what happens to its container.
HALOG was created by a team with years of experience in the storage, shipping and site material management of rotative equipment. They were driven by the need to find a solution to the uncertainty during the quality journey of gas turbines, compressors, control panels, electrical motors and more.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Set live alarms on HALOG;

  • User-friendly mobile App and web Portal;

  • Go back to the exact instant when the damage occured;

  • Attribute responsibility to the right part with ease,


If you have any questions or feedback about our device, please contact us.